Monday, February 17, 2014

Real Snow for Snow Dyeing!

Last Wednesday & Thursday we had about 8" of snow (and some ice/sleet) where I live in North Carolina, which is extremely rare.  Ok, there aren't any snowplows to speak of, and the schools all close in anticipation of storms, and so I was lucky enough to have Wednesday through Friday off of work.

So, on Friday, after the snow stopped falling, I did some snow dyeing.  I used blue, turquoise, and some yellow orange.
 For these pieces, I poured liquid dye concentrates onto the snow.  Purple, orange, and yellow.
Then I tried a couple using the dye powders instead--I think this was Sapphire and Blue Violet.  
I used Avacado & chartreuse dye powders for this.  The yellows in this piece below didn't melt down very well, they turned a little "gooey" instead.  I didn't take a picture of the finished version, but I ended up overdyeing it on Sunday since I wasn't 100% happy with the results.
Here are some of my results from Friday.  (The piece on the right is from the bottom of the tray that soaked up the leftover drops).
 I think this is my favorite:
So, on Sunday morning I realized there was still some snow out there, so I took a few more pieces and put them in soda solution, then poured on the dye concentrates.  This time I went with summery pastels.
This piece below was the green/chartreuse one that I didn't take a previous picture of, but once I overdyed it, I love it.
What a nice way to spend an unexpected "mini-vacation"!


  1. Nice results. I used to snow dye every year, except we had no snow at all which is extremely rare for us.

  2. Laura - they are gorgeous, such lovely juicy colours! A real treat for the eyes, thank you for sharing :)

  3. Nice! I really need to try with dye concentrates next time I snow dye... I think I will like the results!

  4. I love the way the fabric on the line contrasts with the snow -- must be fun to be your neighbor!! Great work :-)