Monday, March 27, 2017

It's been forever

Posting here from an iPad isn't the easiest thing, that's why I haven't been doing much of it. I'm in several Facebook groups and tend to post there, just because it's easier with the hardware I have at my disposal now.

First day of spring wasn't too springy.

My perennial garden

And here is a quilt I finally quilted after finishing the top it right before moving in the fall of 2014--

Vintage linens are hot now, at least in my vintage quilting Facebook group. Good place to practice those feather stitching skills! I sure do love quilting on my Tiara.

Here is the view from the path where I walked my dogs yesterday, hope the snow goes away soon!


  1. As the owner of an ancient desktop with ancient browsers, i can't do facebook anymore - it crashes the durned computer; but i'm glad you are on there showing your work. Your work is fantastic and I'm always happy to get a peek! that New York Beauties quilt is gorgeous, as is your FM quilting. Big admirer here! Do you have a website where i can follow along if that's easier? (can't do instagram apparently, on a desktop, either! No cell phone or pad)

  2. The background of your NYB reminds me of the tone of your snow garden. Did you plan that?
    I have issues whenever I try to post to my blog from my ipad, too. DH tells me each device has its own coding requirements: phone, pad, laptop. That's why they don't all work seamlessly. It doesn't help e fix any issues but gives me an inkling of understanding.

  3. I love your vintage linen piece. That is such a good idea and way to give those pieces a second life. Your New York Beauty is lovely too. I hope you share a full view of it sometime.