Sunday, March 22, 2015

March is almost over

Time seems to be flying by! On February 1st (super bowl Sunday) I was driving home around 3:00 in the afternoon and got hit by someone who turned right into me.  My car was 14 years old, with 195,000 miles on it, but I loved it and took really good care of it over the years.  This picture shows the damage:

Hard for me to believe, but this was considered a total loss by the insurance company, so my beloved CRV was taken away.  To counteract this heartbreaking loss, I took the insurance money and bought this:
Ok, so it does help to heal my breaking heart.  Bought it at the Quiltfest of New Jersey from Pocono Sew and Vac.  I didn't get the bobbin winder though, so I can't use it yet.  I'm going there this week for a free lesson and will pick the bobbin winder up then.  So excited to start using this!

Winter has been tough to deal with after being in the south for almost 10 years...lots of snow on my roof meant ice dams and water dripping into my living room.  

These pans and containers were catching drips for almost two weeks. What a mess! I tried to ignore it as much as I could by dyeing fabric for a workshop I took at my quilt guild.
And two of my quilts were chosen for an art show at a large regional hospital.

Summer is coming!!