Saturday, May 16, 2015

Did some printing this week

I found some fat quarters that I had dyed various shades of yellow at some time, can't remember when, but I got them out and applied a beeswax resist, then scraped some thickened dyes on them.

The colors I used were Cobalt Blue and Tangerine.  For this one I used a carved potato to make the circle shape:

I carved the sand dollar shape for this piece into the other half of the potato:

And for this larger piece I used a potato masher dipped into the beeswax:
Funny how the same colors came out so differently on these pieces.  I have more pieces but don't enjoy trying to post with this darn iPad...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lots of Free motion Quilting!

This poor, neglected blog... I've been doing a lot of free motion quilting over the last month, going through a pile of things one at a time.  Loving my new Babylock Tiara!

Trying out lots of designs, different threads, and quilting for hours every day.

I'm having the best luck so far with Aurifil and Isacord threads.

And grandson Ethan turned one this month, his party was on my birthday.
Hope spring is finally here, its been a long time coming!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March is almost over

Time seems to be flying by! On February 1st (super bowl Sunday) I was driving home around 3:00 in the afternoon and got hit by someone who turned right into me.  My car was 14 years old, with 195,000 miles on it, but I loved it and took really good care of it over the years.  This picture shows the damage:

Hard for me to believe, but this was considered a total loss by the insurance company, so my beloved CRV was taken away.  To counteract this heartbreaking loss, I took the insurance money and bought this:
Ok, so it does help to heal my breaking heart.  Bought it at the Quiltfest of New Jersey from Pocono Sew and Vac.  I didn't get the bobbin winder though, so I can't use it yet.  I'm going there this week for a free lesson and will pick the bobbin winder up then.  So excited to start using this!

Winter has been tough to deal with after being in the south for almost 10 years...lots of snow on my roof meant ice dams and water dripping into my living room.  

These pans and containers were catching drips for almost two weeks. What a mess! I tried to ignore it as much as I could by dyeing fabric for a workshop I took at my quilt guild.
And two of my quilts were chosen for an art show at a large regional hospital.

Summer is coming!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Is it spring yet??

Snowy week again, and an ice/snowstorm expected today through Tuesday.  Had to run outside and take a picture before it all starts! This is a quick crib quilt I made for a new baby born two weeks early.  I used only scraps that I had on hand in a never-ending quest to use up my stash.

It's simple, with freeform flowers fused on, and then free motion quilted not too densely so its not stiff.
Hope the new mother likes it!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter blues and greens

I made this quilt about 2 years ago, found it in a bin while moving.  Hard to believe I totally forgot about it!
It was made for a quilt shop challenge using one of those preprinted panels (which I chopped up into strips).
Then I used my Elisa's Backporch templates to cut the circles.

And free-motion quilted it heavily!

Lots of the fabrics used were my hand dyed fabrics.

 Wonder what else I'll turn up in my other bins?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A summery quilt for the dead of winter

Here is my first finished UFO for the year--made with my snow dyed fabric from last year, free motion quilted with my favorite Aurifil Mako 50 wt in several different colors.

On a frigid January day, this makes me dream of summer.  I'm embarrassed to say that I dyed the fabric and pieced it together, AND quilted it last year, and all it needed for a finish was facings, which I sewed on last week finally.

Closeup of some of the quilting.

Gotta get more of those UFOs done!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Almost Christmas

Quite a long time since my last post! Moving and settling in has been a lot of work.  Had some Christmas stockings to make for two new great nieces-

And I've joined a quilt guild, Warwick Valley Quilt Guild, and attended a workshop in November with Cheryl Lynch called Curvalicious.  It was fun, and I made this table runner with my hand dyed Radiance fabric, silk on one side and cotton on the other.

Close up of the quilting, my favorite part-

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lots of changes since I last posted here

On October 3rd I moved from North Carolina back to New York-- a journey of over 600 miles.

Hard to see, but this is me following my brother who is driving a rental truck towing my CRV somewhere on Route 81 in Pennsylvania.

I am now living in Monroe, New York, about 3 miles away from my daughter and two wonderful grandchildren.

I'm trying to create this post on an iPad which is giving me some problems, no quilty stuff today to post.  More to come as soon as I figure this out!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hot July -- getting lots done inside

July has been a hot, hot month here in North Carolina.  So, staying inside on weekends and quilting/sewing is a good thing to do!  I've been going through some quilt tops that have been around way too long, finishing up some things...

A small lap size quilt top that I made probably 3 years ago now is finally almost quilted.  This was sewn on paper, using random sized strips, a great way to use up fabric stash! 

And I'm also sewing lots of my homemade fabrics into strips, and am going to make some table runners to sell on Etsy.
 Just have to get motivated in the evenings after work, sometimes it's just hard to focus...

And can you see the praying mantis in this picture?
 How about here?

Here's a close-up, I swear it was watching me while I took the pictures.  It climbed all the way up a hibiscus stalk, which is about 6 feet tall, then hung out there under the flowers.

And here are some more things I worked on this weekend, beachy scenes using more of my homemade fabrics.  These pieces are potentially for a challenge with a local group of art quilters that we might be setting up, and need to be cut down to 12" x 12".

The piece below was done with wax resist, then painted over with setacolor paints. Both are just pinned up right now, and need to be quilted, then they're done, too.  

I'm trying really hard not to dye or paint any more fabric until I use up most of what I have!  Hope you're having a productive summer, too.

Edited on Friday, August 1st to include link to Nina Marie's Off the Wall.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blog post from another site today

From my post on And Then We Set It On Fire blog today:

When I thought about what I was going to do for this Round Robin, I realized that almost every piece of fabric that I've created over the past few years was a series of different techniques that I performed on it, which is technically what a round robin is.  Usually it gets passed on from one person to the next, but we're doing our own kind of round robin here--a Solo, which is a little bit harder, in my opinion.

We all probably have some fabric we've dyed or done something to that we aren't in love with--what do you do with it?  I tend to put mine away for a while, and think about what else I want to do with it to try to get something I want to use.  So, for this, I pulled out a piece of fabric that I dyed a while back that was just kind of "blah". It's about 2 yards long x 44 inches.  It was originally dyed with turquoise and sun yellow.  I had dyed it flat, pouring the colors onto it and leaving it in the sun, covered, for a few hours.

I really had hoped that the two colors would blend more and create more green, which didn't happen.   So, I ripped it up into several smaller pieces.

I decided to batik one of the pieces, so I got out some circle shapes.  I choose the smaller one, part of a pool noodle (not recommended, as you will see)...

Heated up my beeswax in the electric frypan, and stamped one row. 

My pool noodle piece started to melt after I stamped one row, so I had to find a replacement tool quickly.  I found a potato that was a similar size, cut it in half and carved out a hole.
Then I got one of those corn-on-the-cob holder thingies and used that to hold the potato while dipping into the hot wax. 

Here it is all stamped, you really can't tell the difference between the pool noodle shape and the potato shape, can you?

 Then, it gets dyed in some turquoise dye (a strong solution).

Here it is all done:

On another piece of the turquoise & yellow, I used a foam paintbrush with cutouts to make some stripes, and dipped into the beeswax and spread it on.

 When that was done, I folded it up--

 And poured some dark navy blue dye on it.

Let it all soak in for about an hour--

Here it is with the wax removed, washed, and ready to go:
I may leave these pieces as is, and not do anything else to them.  Any suggestions from readers out there?