Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blog post from another site today

From my post on And Then We Set It On Fire blog today:

When I thought about what I was going to do for this Round Robin, I realized that almost every piece of fabric that I've created over the past few years was a series of different techniques that I performed on it, which is technically what a round robin is.  Usually it gets passed on from one person to the next, but we're doing our own kind of round robin here--a Solo, which is a little bit harder, in my opinion.

We all probably have some fabric we've dyed or done something to that we aren't in love with--what do you do with it?  I tend to put mine away for a while, and think about what else I want to do with it to try to get something I want to use.  So, for this, I pulled out a piece of fabric that I dyed a while back that was just kind of "blah". It's about 2 yards long x 44 inches.  It was originally dyed with turquoise and sun yellow.  I had dyed it flat, pouring the colors onto it and leaving it in the sun, covered, for a few hours.

I really had hoped that the two colors would blend more and create more green, which didn't happen.   So, I ripped it up into several smaller pieces.

I decided to batik one of the pieces, so I got out some circle shapes.  I choose the smaller one, part of a pool noodle (not recommended, as you will see)...

Heated up my beeswax in the electric frypan, and stamped one row. 

My pool noodle piece started to melt after I stamped one row, so I had to find a replacement tool quickly.  I found a potato that was a similar size, cut it in half and carved out a hole.
Then I got one of those corn-on-the-cob holder thingies and used that to hold the potato while dipping into the hot wax. 

Here it is all stamped, you really can't tell the difference between the pool noodle shape and the potato shape, can you?

 Then, it gets dyed in some turquoise dye (a strong solution).

Here it is all done:

On another piece of the turquoise & yellow, I used a foam paintbrush with cutouts to make some stripes, and dipped into the beeswax and spread it on.

 When that was done, I folded it up--

 And poured some dark navy blue dye on it.

Let it all soak in for about an hour--

Here it is with the wax removed, washed, and ready to go:
I may leave these pieces as is, and not do anything else to them.  Any suggestions from readers out there?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Felting class

I had someone come over Saturday morning and I taught her how to felt a vessel.  It was fun, I've never taught anything like that before.  Debbie--please send me a picture of your vessel and I'll post it here if you read this!

This is a vessel I made while she was here.  It took forever for this wool to felt, but finally it did.  These colors are the first rovings I've dyed myself, I like being able to buy the white and dye it whatever color I want.

And on Sunday, I decided to felt again.  This time I cut some white circles out of a piece of prefelt I had made previously, then felted on some grey Norwegian wool and used some shetland black for the centers.  This felted really easily.
Then I thought I'd make a pillow using a resist, so I made a beachy scene on both sides.  This was my first time trying to make a square using a resist, and it turned out rectangular instead.  It actually turned out to be more like a bag than a pillow, so I might try to make some handles for it and use it as a bag instead.
 This side looks pretty funky...oh well, it's a good practice piece!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The days are long, but they still fly by

I've been busy for about the last month -- never enough time in a day, since so much of my day is wasted at work, when I'd rather be quilting, gardening, felting, hooking...

Finished up quilting a top that I started a while ago.  I quilted pretty densely, so I used lots and lots of Aurifil! Just have to square it up and put some facings on it (instead of regular binding), then it will be done.

And more felted vessels- 

A few weeks ago, the bee balm started blooming.

And of course, the day lilies.

Yikes, found this snakeskin in my yard, too.  It's only about 3' long, I've seen snakes that are twice that size.

 And I also dyed some more wool pieces, for rug hooking projects.  These look like irises, don't they?
 And maybe some poppies?

Monday, May 19, 2014

A nice quilty weekend

I finished up two baby blankets on Saturday--they were sitting there for a week just waiting for the binding to be sewn on.  I love how they turned out!
 This is the back of one:
 And this is the back of the other:
And I made two Pottery Barn style pillows using some linen fabric that I bought at a quilt show recently.  The fabric was $2/yard, and is white, so I dyed it this light turquoise color one day last week.  I sewed a big button on each last night, and now they're finished.
Feels good to finally get some things done!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More felting projects

I'm in the final week of my on-line felting class, and worked on some projects over the weekend.  These are felted vessels (or actually vases) that are made mostly out of merino roving, with some other fibers added in  (icelandic wool, prefelt pieces, silk scraps, and even cheesecloth and scrim).
They were all made using the same piece of foam resist, but some of the wools felted differently, therefore the final sizes are slightly different.

 Front and size of this one, showing the lovely textures!
For the vessel below, I used a piece of prefelt in purple that I cut holes in--the piece was quite a bit bigger, it really shrank down in size when it was done.  I felted onto a white merino.
 These are strips of prefelt, silk and some rovings -- all give it such great texture.
And this one I used an icelandic wool to make, it was coarser and very stiff when completed.  The flowers are merino roving, and I added some cheesecloth and silk to make the leaves, and yarn to make the stems.

 I think this piece may have been influenced by these peonies blooming in my garden!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Seems like we're heading straight into summer

Went to NY to visit my daughter & family over Easter, plus she had her new baby (Ethan) April 13th, so things were a little busier than usual.
While there, I took my granddaughter Madelyn to a goat dairy farm near their house where they have tours.  She loved it.  The goats were so friendly, but weren't like goats at a petting zoo that try to attack your hands for food.

And now that I'm home again and back to work, I've been making some simple baby quilts for my niece who had a baby girl on April 16th--
Also, have been doing samples for the Surface Design in Felting on-line class I'm enrolled in.  Felting is such a fun and unusual experience--more different than anything I think I've done before.
 This sample is a piece of silk over some merino roving, with circle resists.
Hot this past weekend here in NC--will probably have to turn the AC on by the end of the week.  Spring is over, summer is here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Felting surface design class

I enrolled in an on-line felting class that started this past weekend.  These are just a few of the small samples I've made since Sunday:

It's fantastic so far--I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the different roving types out there (merino, gotland, alpaca, icelandic and more) and learning how to create all these great textures.  The instructor is Fiona Duthie, and since there are no felting classes anywhere near me, this is a great way to learn.

Still waiting for my grandson to be born, hopefully it will be this week!  I know my daughter is ready.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring may be here--finally.

One reason I like to blog is that it gives me a chance to look at what I've actually gotten accomplished.  Even though some days it seems that all I do is go to work and come home late, I still am able to complete some projects.

One is a baby blanket for a soon-to-be born grandson:
And a baby blanket I made for my sister who needed it for a baby shower.  I haven't bought fabric for a specific project in quite a while--she wanted something with monkeys on it.
Lots of free motion stitching went into this.  I wonder if the recipient will even think about all that work?  I'm sure not.
And even some dyeing, now that it's warming up a bit.  These two pieces were pretty awful looking at this stage--
 But they evolved into these pieces afterwards.
 I just love the look of shibori!
 And more, always more...
I've opened an Etsy shop and am selling some of my fabrics (or trying to--no sales yet!).  Gotta get rid of some of it so I can keep making more.  Hope to get these posted up there today.

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