Free Motion Challenges- 12 Months

These are my monthly Free Motion Challenge pieces.  I had done free-motion quilting for about a year before starting this challenge, but I believe that having a monthly "assignment" gave me the incentive to try patterns or techniques that I probably wouldn't have attempted.   I learned how easy it is to do feathers, after having an unreasonable fear of them for a long time! Another thing I learned is that I hate to follow lines when quilting, I'd much rather do it free-hand.

I loved the discussions on the challenge site and on facebook about threads, needles, different things that worked for some and not others, all of that information was so valuable in problem solving.  And one fellow challenge participant even posted a video of how she sewed a nautilus when I asked her how she did such a great one (thanks, Joan!)  

It was a great year for practicing our free motion skills, thanks to SewCalGal for organizing this amazing event.
January - Frances Moore
February - Diane Gaudynski

March-Ann Fahl
April - Don Linn
May - Leah Day 

June-Cindy Needham
July - Angela Walters 
August- Wendy Sheppard
September-Paula Reid 

October-Teri Lucas

November-Sarah Vedeler

December-Teri Lucas Bonus #4

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  1. You really stretched yourself and they are all amazing. Did some of these challenge pieces became some useful things like quilts, bags, pillows, runners, etc? I'm particularly struck by March, April, May, June, and December.