Thursday, July 23, 2015

Art retreat on Martha's Vineyard

A self-directed Art retreat sounds better than babysitting my daughter's dog for a few days! I packed up the car with my dog Leo and lots of dyeing supplies and headed to Martha's Vineyard for a week.  Spent some time with the grandkids before they headed off to a weekend family reunion in Minnesota.

Playing with your toes is serious business

Here's a pile of fabric I washed out today

I did some ice dyeing in the 95 degree heat over the weekend--

And some sun printing using seaweed

This was my view from the deck where I was working

Very inspirational

I had a great time, now to get some sewing done!
Linking up with Off The Wall Friday  today, haven't done that in a long time!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Free motion quilting!

It's been a busy month, with foster kittens who are into everything around the house, but I've been able to get some free motion quilting done during nap time.  I tried some "Off The Edge" quilting--the first one I made I fused a print fabric down on a larger piece of fabric then quilted around the edges--

The only problem was that the fusing didn't stick at the edges all the way around, so I had to stitch.  So, I tried again, and this time I stitched the edge, adding a border, then added enough fabric to make a baby blanket for a baby shower that I have tomorrow:

I'm a lot happier with this version!

Latest foster kittens--two sweet little boys:

They look like angels, but they are little devils!

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