Monday, October 12, 2009

Barnful of Quilts Show - Waxhaw NC

I drove down south of Charlotte on Saturday to the Barnful of Quilts Show in Waxhaw. It was a hot & humid day after the early morning rain shower that hit just as I arrived, driving everyone inside the crowded barn.

Some of my favorites:

My one complaint about the show
was the lack of restroom facilities.
After driving 1.5 hours and drinking
coffee on the way, the line to the bathroom was about 20 people deep.
Had to cut my visit short at the show for a bathroom break!

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  1. Hi Laura
    Thanks for visiting the Symposium blog and telling me about Bonnie Hunter. I removed that post and the info about her until I check with Grace, the program chair, but I'm sure you are right.
    I was at Barnful of Quilts too!