Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More dyed fabric

This past weekend, I had time to dye, batik, and quilt! And, of course, mow my lawn, trim some branches, plant some more flower seeds, and just spend time at home (which I love to do).

To create the circle sanddollar-ish shape, I used a potato. Except for being kind of sloppy with the drips, I think it turned out pretty nice! The green squares in the last one were made with a cookie cutter I got at the dollar store. Pretty soon, it will be so stifling hot here in NC that I'll be able to spend lots of time inside sewing up all these piles of fabric. Quite a switch from when I lived in Northern NY State and "summer" started in June, and ended in mid-August.


  1. Wow, Laura - your fabric is so beautiful, how will you ever bear to cut it? I love the designs you have created.

  2. I really like your fabric. Your colors are brilliant. What type of dye do you use?