Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Focus?

Do you know what I like about blogging? Here I was thinking that my projects as of late were lacking focus--but when I see everything here, it's a graphic representation that circles have been my focus!

I tend to make a lot of things on weekends, but then feel too "blah" after work every night to really get into finishing things. I'm so much of a morning person, usually by 2:00 in the afternoon I'm already slowing down.... I printed and painted most of the day last Sunday.

Some stamped fabric, I want to dye it but haven't decided on the background color yet:

More circles, fused onto interfacing, then zig-zagged to finish off the seams and outside.

I'll probably make some type of wall hanging with them.

Then, here are some leaf prints I made with a lino stamp that I carved a few years ago, then painted the background w/setacolor paints:

This one has an unpainted background still. Maybe I'll dye it?

Last one, a print made from another lino carving from a while back, and painted with setacolor paints.


  1. Thanks for the lino print pictures! Love them! Inspiration for me to get back to my carving!

  2. Could you explain a bit about how you used the Setacolor paints for the background? I love the effect you achieved with them. Your lino prints are wonderful. I like all the prints, but I'm really partial to the circles.

  3. Sorry I missed your question, Beth. For the backgrounds, I just painted after letting the prints dry. The setacolor paints are like using watercolors, you paint right on the fabric, using paint either diluted with water so it spreads, or undiluted so it stays where you want it. (Sorry, I don't know the technical terms for these things). If you've ever painted w/watercolors, you'll know what I mean. The more diluted the paint is, the lighter the color turns out, and the more background you can get covered.