Monday, September 13, 2010

Another weekend come and gone

Over the weekend, I took a blue piece of fabric, batiked (with wax) some circles on it, then dyed it in brown. After boiling out the wax, this is what I had.

This black & white fabric

has become this:

I wanted to use the plexiglas shapes I bought a while back to do these circles, but didn't have enough clamps. Instead of driving 12 miles to the hardware store to get some, I just used the good old beeswax for them, too. The fabric wasn't as tightly woven as the egyptian cotton I used in the blue/brown one, so the wax took forever to come out--boiling, ironing, and washing finally did the trick. Have to get some clamps the next time I go to Lowes or Home Depot.
Here are some "what was I thinking when I bought it" fabrics, I dyed w/a few different colors.


  1. You have inspired me...I HAVE to start dyeing fabric. I guess I need to send an order to Dharma or ProChem. I have a "few" of those "what was I thinking" fabrics myself! I'll be interested to see how you use these fabrics.

  2. I love the blue/ brown! How did you apply the wax for the circles?

  3. Jackie, I used a paintbrush to apply the wax--a natural bristle cheap one. The wax is hot enough that a man-made bristle might melt.