Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Flops

Not a productive weekend, at all. Everything I tried to do seemed doomed to failure! I guess it was just one of those things, it WILL get better.

Tried leaf printing by rolling up leave in a piece of fabric, then simmering the bundle in water and some alum. Results are less than fantastic, aren't they? If anyone has any secrets on how this can work out better, please share!

Last Thursday I took the day off and went to a workshop in Winston-Salem with Roxann Lessa. I thought the class covered "How to Make a Pattern from a Photograph" but it actually was "How to Make a Quilt from her Pattern that she already made from a Photograph".

Her photo is below with the blue flower.

And this is my interpretation of her flower picture. The yellow & white are done with fabric textile paint. Not much else to say about this, is there?

Finally, one of my co-workers gave me some fabric to make her two pillows. The fabric isn't exactly my style, so I made the back of the pillows with her fabric, and made the front with my own stash fabrics.


  1. I want to try more of the leaf printing. From the blogs that I have read, it seems letting the leaves sit for a few days in the wet cloth after boiling it seems to help with the printing. I will try that next time...if I can keep my hands off if long enough. I am not strong on patience.

  2. The leaf printing looks interesting!
    Too bad about the class.

  3. I think you just have to look at the leaf printing as a first step. It might be a great background for some other surface design techniques. Mine wasn't really great either, but I really think they both have potential. Next time I am going to try to leave the leaves wrapped on the cloth longer.

    I've been disappointed in some classes I took too. I usually learn something, though, even if it is just that I never want to use that technique again.

  4. I haven't had much luck with leaf printing except for one kind of leaf, and not a particularly pretty shaped one. Or maybe it was just in the wettest spot or flat enough or the Goddess liked it.
    I look at almost all the classes I take, these days as just a way of learning a technique, maybe just even part of a technique that I can use, in my own way, somewhere else down the line.