Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold December

Some Christmas things that have been in the works:

Some "spiderweb" shibori:

These circles are actually pretty small, about 2" across or less.

And a piece I've been working on, doing some pretty heavy quilting. I belong to a PAQA-South organization and there's a show coming up in March. I'm trying to get the nerve up to enter it, possibly with this piece, so I can't show it all now.

It's been really cold here (by NC standards, anyway)--morning lows of 15-16 degrees, then it doesn't even get above freezing during the day. Normal highs are around 50-55 degrees! So, it's really cut into my dyeing/painting/surface design, and I've been inside quilting almost all day the past few weekends instead of in the garage. Hope it warms up for my Christmas-New Year break.
30 years ago today...


  1. I love Spider Webs! I am so glad we are going to be doing some of that for our technique!

    Enter. The worse they can do is to not accept your piece. I can't remember the artist who entered a show one year and the piece got rejected. The next year she entered the same piece in the same show and not only got accepted but it won.

  2. Jeez, Judith, you commented before I edited my post and added my John Lennon photo. You're too fast!

    I love Spider webs, too, and pole wrapping. Both are easy, and everything turns out so different that it will be fun to see everyone's work!

  3. Love the header photo! Can hardly wait to see the piece you are working on.
    How did those 30 years slip by so quickly? I remember that day many do.

  4. Your free motion quilting is absolutely beautiful...what are you planning to do with those snowmen????

  5. The snowmen are going to become a wall hanging, I sewed sashing on them last night, tonight I'll try to finish them up.

  6. Thanks for posting on my blog... my wavy lines are going to be a jacket to enter into our national juried show.