Friday, March 18, 2011

Workshop w/Shibori Girl

I've been enrolled in an on-line workshop with Shiborigirl, today was the first time I've had to do anything with the first lesson. This is dyeing on silk with Colorhues dyes, which are totally different than procion mx dyes. The colors bond almost instantly, and you only have to dip them in the color for a few seconds.

The green & yellow one wasn't folded tightly enough, the design didn't show up too well in the middle portion. The other blue/orange one looks like fried eggs!

I finally figured out how tightly to clamp the fabric for this orange one and the pink/yellow one.

The green & blue one looks like a mess, the piece I used was a full scarf and obviously I didn't clamp or fold it tightly enough. But I'm sure I can find some way to use this piece, even if I overdye it with turquoise.


  1. hi laura. didn't realize you had a blog so i get to see your pieces. i actually like some of the ones that don't come out the way you expected. they are great for over dyeing or for a base to stitch on. love how your pieces turned out. nice colors.

  2. These are gorgeous. And you're right -- you can always overdye stuff the doesn't look quite the way you wanted it.

  3. Lucky you to be taking a shibori class. Nice fabrics.