Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shibori Workshop & Quilt Symposium

Yesterday I went to Raleigh for a Jan Myers Newbury workshop, A Pole and a Piece of Fabric at the NC Quilt Symposium. It was a six-hour workshop, most of which was held in a laundry room at Peace College. Here's a bunch of wrapped poles sitting in dye buckets.

Jan at the sink. She was a very laid back, very informative teacher. If I could afford it, I would have taken a longer class with her today, too!

Some quilts from the quilt show, which I went through really quickly at lunchtime--it was pretty crowded so I didn't stay long...

These three quilts caught my eye, the colors and quilting.

There were lots and lots of traditional quilts, but it's funny, I only took pictures of a few very colorful, very similar quilts. Hmmm...

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