Monday, July 11, 2011

Middle of July already

I've been pretty bad about posting to this blog, but I have been keeping myself busy! Here's a picture of a largish (40w x 48 h) wall hanging using some of my shibori fabric. It's pretty much done except for quilting, which to me is the most fun part.

Here's a sideways view:

Monoprinting is the monthly project at And Then We Set It on Fire. Since the temperature here has been 95+ every day, and my garage is my "studio", I haven't been able to spend much time out there. I did try some printing yesterday, with some new stamps that I've carved (and some old ones), but the paint was drying before I could get the stamping done. These were printed on some paper, just to see how they'd turn out.

And here's one piece that I'm actually happy with. I still want to add some bubble wrap printing to it, or something like that. It'll make a nice pillow.

And some quilting, since it's so hot outside. It's easier to stay inside in the AC and quilt away.


  1. I love the shibori project! I can't wait to see your quilting on it.

  2. Karen took the words right out of my mouth. Gorgeous shibori...great use of the fabric. I love the quilting part too. It almost puts me into a meditative state.

  3. Laura! Your talent just blows me away! Hot diggity! Please (pretty, pretty please) show those fab-u-lous shibori pieces on the "And Then We Set it on Fire" blog to show our readers what can be done with the shibori fabric once it is made.