Sunday, January 8, 2012

Free Motion Quilting Month #1

I decided to do this FM quilting challenge on something I'm already working on, instead of creating a new sampler or just working on a small sample. Free motion quilting is something I've been doing (and loving!) for a couple of years now, it's the reason I make things--so I can FM quilt them.

Here is my leaf shape, done on a piece of hand-dyed fabric so that the stitching is kind of hard to see:

I tried to take a picture offset from the side, too, as I was having trouble getting it to show up well. I used a 50-weight thread from Connecting Threads in a dark green:

One more picture--

These are other parts of the piece I'm quilting. I used more threads from Connecting Threads, as well as some other threads I had (Aurifil, Mettler, YLI Soft Touch) in matching colors.

I'm just trying out some different patterns, I like working on smaller pieces that are part of a larger one so I can practice a certain shape or pattern in a small scale.

I'll take a picture of the whole piece as soon as I get a chance to bury the thread tails and wash those chalk pencil marks off.

I think this one is my favorite design:

If you want more information on the Free Motion Challenge project, or want to join in yourself, head on over to SewCalGal's blog!


  1. Beautiful quilting! Well Done!!!

  2. love you FMQ!! I am a fairly new quilter, and have been practising my FMQ...but I need to get braver and try out new patterns! These look amazing! thanks for sharing them

  3. Your quilting looks great! I give classes in my studio in henderson, NC if you are ever interested.

    I sent you a friends request on Stitchin Fingers this morning.

  4. I am the same, I make quilts just so I can FMQ! It is my favorite part. Your leaves look lovely, can't wait to see the finished quilt.