Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finishing up some things

A (very) long time ago I saw an article in a Quilting Arts magazine about Itajime Shibori (resist clamping of shapes) and thought it was something I definitely had to try--so I did.  I made up a bunch of these pieces by clamping a plexiglass shape onto a fabric square, then bleaching the color out of the surrounding fabric, and re-dyeing the color back so the only pattern left is where the plexiglass covered the design.
I made up a bunch of squares, even sewed beads onto some of them, but then they got set aside.  So I got them out over my Christmas week off, and finally made a little wall hanging with some of them.
I still have a bunch more to work with, but I just wanted to feel like I did something productive with my time off...
Unlike Leo, my rescued lab, who doesn't like to do much and doesn't feel guilty about it at ALL. 

I also quilted this little wall hanging called "Summer Solstice", that I sewed together months ago...
And quilted up this "Snowflake" table runner, still have to bind it and then it's done.  I'm figuring this to be a Christmas present all ready for next year...
Happy New Year!
--Edited on Friday, 1/4/13 to link up with Nina Marie Sayre's Off The Wall Friday.  My goals for 2013 are to be more productive, and to use up as much fabric as I can before dyeing or buying any more.  Also, to do something with those piles of scraps that are everywhere.  Like Nina, I should also add discipline and focus as words to live by this year.  Thanks for hosting this each week, Nina!


  1. Hi, Laura. I LUV your circles piece--the greens and blues make me weak at the knees! You're starting the new year with pizazz!
    best, nadia

  2. Beautiful pieces.

    Leo's Lesson #1

    You don't HAVE to be productive ALL the time!

  3. I'm working on reducing my stash as well! So far, I have made a laptop case and a table runner... working on a couple of placemats now to go with the table runner. You reminded me that I have wanted to do some more itajime shibori dyeing... haven't done any in awhile, but I sure like how it comes out. Happy 2013!

  4. ohhh it must be a circle kind of week - did you notice how many circles there are on Off the Wall?? and yeah I'm thinking that although my word of the year is productivity - its something that comes and go! Still - let's keep each other more on the going side this year!

  5. Nice to finish up a few loose ends, isn't it? I like your sweet helper! We have 2 puppy dogs that we adopted from our local rescue.