Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring in the Air

On the And Then We Set It On Fire blog, an interesting technique was presented this month that I had to try. First step was to dye these four pieces--
Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to do the rest of the project.  The dye colors I used were fuchsia, chartreuse and blue violet.

Has anyone every tried to make a vessel using the wet-felt resist method?  I did, using some alpaca fibers.  (For some great instructions, you can check out this blog).   Wet felting is quite a tedious process, but I ended up with this little vessel--that looks pretty much like a coconut.  Not my favorite, but I used what I had on hand.  If I do this again, I'll use some better fibers, like merino, so it doesn't turn out so hairy!
You can see the fuzzy-ness of the alpaca fibers better here:

And work is still progressing on what is for me the world's slowest craft, rug hooking.  The background strips are some blue wool that I dyed myself.  Loving the colors, but will be glad when it's finally finished.
Last weekend was a beautiful one here in NC, so I batiked some fabrics to use in a project I'm working on.  If you want to read about the process, check this blog post.  I just love the whole process of making batiked fabrics.
Spring might finally be here!  We had a t-storm or two overnight, and things are finally starting to bloom.

Linking up to Nina Marie's blog today, check out all the great links there!
Also, linking up to Fiber Artist Journey today, too.


  1. I've never seen a vessel with the wet-felt method, it's fantastic! Your batik pieces are so vibrant (will check out that post next.) Hope you'll stop by Fiber Artist Journey and link up for Design Wall Weekend!

  2. Wow! So busy! I love love love the custom dye pieces. That's quite a tool to have in your box! Where are you in NC? We might be neighbors...

  3. I LOVE your batiks! Beautiful!

  4. Nice vessel, even though it is hairy. Got to love those tactile things :)
    AND, yes rug hooking is s_l_o_w but beautiful once completed. Keep going yours is quite beautiful - you do the materials justice.

  5. You've got a really exciting range of projects on the go! I love your batiks and I really like the felted vessel. I've followed you to see what else yo make :)