Friday, January 24, 2014

A Cold Morning in January

Frigid cold (for North Carolina, anyway), 8 degrees this morning.  Which is enough to cause 2-hour delays for schools all over the area--yeah, I know, you "Yankees" think this is funny.  The temperature today where I used to live in New York (Ellisburg) is -12 degrees F, with a wind chill temperature of -20 degrees, so I know it could be a lot worse.

Last Monday, MLK holiday, I finally had the opportunity to dye some fabric.  I usually get a lot of fabric dyed during January & February, but this year the temps have been too cold to dye in my garage.  I'm trying to work through a DVD set by Ann Johnston, Color by Accident, so here are the first results:
Flat dyed piece with Grape, Golden Yellow, and some Aquamarine dyes.

The finished piece

Two pieces soaking in dye, one with the Grape, Golden Yellow & Aquamarine, and the other with Chinese Red, Grape, and Golden Yellow.

 And the finished pieces

During February, techniques from the Color By Accident DVD set will be the focus of the And Then We Set It On Fire blog, and I'll be one of the guest participants.  Tune in there for more details on the processes if you're interested, and stay warm!

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  1. What beautiful fabric!! You did an amazing job!

  2. Like them both! the patterning on the purple/yellow one is really interesting

  3. Dyeing is so satisfying but so messy. I want to do more of it but what a mess!
    Your finished pieces make me think about doing it again... oy!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Lovely pieces that suggest so many possibilities. If my palette were made up of such fabric, I'd go nuts!
    best, nadia

  5. Love the top piece! Those colors are so vibrant and really create a nice composition.

  6. Lovely colours here. I used to follow Ann Johnston's instruction when I was dyeing.