Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More felting projects

I'm in the final week of my on-line felting class, and worked on some projects over the weekend.  These are felted vessels (or actually vases) that are made mostly out of merino roving, with some other fibers added in  (icelandic wool, prefelt pieces, silk scraps, and even cheesecloth and scrim).
They were all made using the same piece of foam resist, but some of the wools felted differently, therefore the final sizes are slightly different.

 Front and size of this one, showing the lovely textures!
For the vessel below, I used a piece of prefelt in purple that I cut holes in--the piece was quite a bit bigger, it really shrank down in size when it was done.  I felted onto a white merino.
 These are strips of prefelt, silk and some rovings -- all give it such great texture.
And this one I used an icelandic wool to make, it was coarser and very stiff when completed.  The flowers are merino roving, and I added some cheesecloth and silk to make the leaves, and yarn to make the stems.

 I think this piece may have been influenced by these peonies blooming in my garden!


  1. I love your vases Laura, they all look great! I hope you had fun making them?

  2. I think they're great too, excellent textures :)