Friday, January 22, 2016

New York beauties

Feeling slightly less bitchy than I was last week, which is a good thing. I went through my books last week, and found one that's probably my favorite:

I go back to this book all the time, I just love New York beauties and this book was my first introduction to them. So many fabulous ideas in here!

I'm making a patternless wall hanging, just kind of sewing all my scraps, and so far it's turning out nicely.  But I'm going to add some "beauty" pieces here and there, just have to figure out where and how... 

A big snowstorm is supposedly headed up to the Hudson Valley of NY this weekend, as well as most of the east coast.  So far we've had almost no snow this winter, which is fine with me, but snow does mean snow dyeing.

Oh, and speaking of NY beauties, how about these two cuties (Madelyn and Ethan) from a trip we took to NYC last weekend--

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  1. I love New York Beauties too but have never tried using them. This is a very appealing idea and I think will look beautiful when it's done.