Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dyeing & Batik Fabric photos

Well, here are two pictures of the green fabrics I dyed over the weekend. These pieces were all dyed with Avacado coloring (Dharma procion) and see how different they all look. The piece at the bottom was one that I also batiked, and I put this one in the dye bath first--it's very dark in comparison. Each of the others was put into the dye bath at about 5-10 minute intervals, because I wanted to see how the color saturation varied.

I realize that the lighting isn't wonderful--I took these pictures around 6:30 last night in my garage, after work, and a bank of clouds moved in yesterday and the sky was pretty overcast.
These are the two batik designs I did, the large circles were done using a turnip cut in half, and the other was done with a "tjanting" tool that I ordered from Dharma along with the dye powders. As you can see, I definitely need to work on my technique, but I had fun, so that's what counts!

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