Monday, August 2, 2010

Shibori Dyeing

Before my vacation started, I got a bunch of books through the interlibrary loan program at the university library where I work. Two that I liked best were:

One of these had a simple recipe for direct-dyeing, which I copied into my sketch book:
I did a machine stitching technique on a pretty bright fuschia (or maybe it was carmine red) piece that I had dyed a while back, then poured on some plum and yellow dyes using my recipe and mixing bottle:

This is how it looked after I opened it up, (taking out all those stitches with a seam ripper since the stitching stayed damp after the fabric was pretty much dried)
Also, I took a white piece of fabric and wrapped around a PVC pipe, tieing it with a string and scrunching down as tightly as I could while wrapping. Then I squirted some Warm Black dye on it, followed by some Jet Black about 10 minutes later.
Here is the unwrapping:
I love how it looks, I folded this piece in thirds before dyeing, so it looks a little more interesting, and I also twisted the fabric as I was scrunching it down, so it was a little more wavy. (I was trying to get the look of the work of Jan Myers-Newbury, but I have a way to go!)

These pieces were just accordion folded before dyeing:

This blueish piece was folded in half, then wrapped on the pole and squirted with fuschia dye:


  1. Just beautiful. I know how much work is involved in just getting things set up to do this. Beautiful test! Can she acutally CUT into them? hmmmmmm? :)Bea

  2. delicious stuff. are you having fun or what