Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cut Away Circles

An easy technique from the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine--thought I'd give it a try over the long weekend.
First - get some fabrics from stash:

Then, stack the fabrics--using about 4-6 layers is recommended.
Sew circles using FM foot, crossing the lines in random places.
This is what the finished circle looked like from the bottom.

Start cutting away the layers, exposing the different fabrics below. I used a seam ripper to get each layer started, then finished with my sharpest scissors.

Here are four already done, each will be cut to a 6.5 inch size square


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just had to see what you had tried. I think it turned out pretty well and suspect the photos don't show the colors very well. I thought about trying that and now maybe I will -- I've certainly got plenty of stuff in my stash to give it a go.

    Shall we sart a mutual inspiration society?

  2. Now - that is different - interesting!

  3. Very nice! Like your dye-work, too... found you on 'the blue hare' side bar.