Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally, some shibori I like!

Finally, some shibori that I'm really happy with! They look a little faded because I took the pictures after work tonight, when the sun was already down but there was still a little light left.

I learned a lot this month, and am happy with the results. I learned that I really had to scrunch the fabric down hard on the pole, and keep it tight to get the results I wanted.

I've also been working on this little piece--still hand sewing the binding down. I'm not sure if I should display it with the half circles up or down. Opinions would be appreciated! All the colors in this piece were made by blending cobalt blue and tangerine--isn't that amazing??

My favorite part, the free motion quilting:

Next month's project is Batik...


  1. Great work, Laura! I like the half circles placed heading down, as it looks like the colours are melting into one another and collecting at the bottom. No wait - I like them going up as I see a sun hanging low in the sky. Hmmm...

  2. Nice job, Laura....I like the half circles on the if they are sunrises. Your free motion is wonderful, as usual! Let's meet for lunch soon...I'll contact our coordinator!

  3. I like the shobori too! Those half circles are beautiful -- I like them going up like sunrises or sunsets -- but that's just my conventional side talking.

  4. Love the shobori. That is on my to do list. When/if it warms up around here. You half circles are wonderful.