Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hand Stitching

This little piece started out a while ago as a drop cloth underneath some things I was painting and dyeing last summer. I really liked how it looked, so I added the flowers a while back. It still didn't speak to me, so I added the avacado green border. I was happier with it then, but I've been doing some hand stitching on it and now I'm really starting to like it.

A co-worker of mine is having a baby in April, her theme is dogs, her colors are light brown and chocolate brown. I volunteered to make her a baby blanket, and ordered the dog prints from fabric.com (one of my favorite stores). The dog print fabric arrived today (I already had the rest of it), so I better get started!


  1. Isn't it amazing what you can do with "junk" -- I love the background on that.

    The dog fabrics are so cute -- but then I am a dog lover!

  2. Way to go girl. If you hadn't blown your cover on that drop cloth, I would have thought that you painted it 'specially for the flowers. LOVE IT!