Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Batik again

I bought these little cookie cutters at Walmart the other day for $3.00. They're nested, and I used them for batiking on Sunday. I had to use a little clamp to hold them while dipping into the wax because they got pretty hot.

After dipping the flower shapes, I painted with dye/soda solution, then removed the wax, and dyed the whole piece in a light periwinkle color to get rid of the stark white outlines. This piece looks spring-ie, I think.

Here's a potato masher batik piece that I painted with fuchsia & green, then removed the wax and overdyed in khaki.

On another unrelated note, how many miles on my car is too many? It's something that wears on my mind a lot...


  1. You are just so clever! I love that spring print.

    As far as the car goes--if it is still running without costing tons in repair then I would keep driving it.

  2. Laura - Fantastic dyeing....I'm with quilt or dye...if it's running, keep driving. Mine is up over 120,000...

    Hope we can meet up next week...would love to see these pieces!

  3. Aren't you so smart! What a great idea.

    I will third to comments on the car. If it's working well, don't rock the boat!

  4. Love your fabric. I start to get a little worried about my cars when the get to 100k.

  5. mom i love the flowers! depending on what happens in a few weeks we may need to use that!!!