Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fear of Feathers--Pteronophobia

For a long time, I've resisted making feathers, because I thought they looked too hard. Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and sat down and sewed some.

I followed the tutorial of Diane Gaudynski, guest host this month on SewCalGal's Free Motion quilt along. After sketching the feathers with a chalk pencil, I started sewing.

The feathers really pop when filling is added around them. Here I just used a loop-y stitch as a filler.

I really like how they turned out--not perfect (I have a long way to go) but pretty nice for my first try.

It was easier for me to sew on the left side instead of the right side of the stem, which is something I can work on in the future.

Here's the finished piece. I think I might make a pillow out of it.

And, I've been working on the (seemingly endless) Candiotic Table. I fused all 66 pieces of the Natural Triad to a piece of charcoal fabric.

Next, I have to remove all the temporary labels and fuse the ones I printed onto a piece of fabric.

And I've been dyeing the 2nd group of colors, the Brights Triad. They're batching now...


  1. you don't need to practice anymore feathers...they are beautiful.

  2. LOVE your feathers! Awesome with that loopy filler. I need to try that too.

  3. Laura - your feathers are beautiful!

  4. Your feathers turned out great!! Fun technique from Diane isn't it!!! Nice job!

  5. Phenomenal for your first try!

  6. Wonderful job! Looks great!! I like your dyed fabrics too!

  7. Indeed, if that is your first feather, well WOWZA! Way to go! And, a big "ooh, aaah" to your table in progress! Yummy!