Friday, February 24, 2012

A February to dye for

In early February, I started an on-line class called Dyeing 101: Controlling Color. There's been a massive amount of dyeing done already, and I'm only halfway through the assignment. Candy Glendening is the teacher, and she's great. The course is full of embedded videos and lots of helpful worksheets and information--Candy is a chemistry teacher and it really shows!

Here are my sample swatches from the Natural Triad:

And a bigger shot:
And it just keeps going--66 swatches in all. All colors are different proportions of just three dyes (one yellow, one blue, and one red).
Next up, I'm working on the Brights Triad, again only using 3 dyes. That's my weekend project, I can hardly wait for Saturday a.m.


  1. Hi, Laura. Just stopped by to admire your blog. Your dyeing project is really interesting--marvelous colors you're getting. And I especially like your raindrops quilt in the previous post. All that meticulous work will pay off. Very lovely!
    best from Tunisia,