Monday, March 26, 2012

March Free Motion Challenge

Last summer I painted a piece of white fabric with some Setacolor paints, in some pretty (and very pink) flower designs.

So, I never did anything with it, it was just sitting in a pile of UFOs.

This month's challenge on SewCalGirl's blog was presented by Ann Fahl, and she presented a tutorial about free-motioning flowers and leaf shapes. So I got out some black thread, made a quilt sandwich with this piece of fabric, and started sewing.

I outlined the flower petals, then did some pebbling in the centers. I used some YLI Soft Touch thread in black (the only black thread I had).

And here are some of the smaller flowers--

I think the large flowers look like peonies. Lots of thread tails to be buried still!

The finished piece is about 18" wide by 30" long. Now what should I do with it??


  1. love, love, love it! I love how the yellow comes through the pink. Great quilting too!

  2. Well, you could send it to me! ;o) I love it!
    Great use of stitching on that awesome fabric!

  3. Beautiful. Love how you painted the fabric. I have the setacolors but besides sky and ocean painting I haven't tried anything like that.

  4. Very, very pretty! I'd use it to make a purse. There are a few patterns out there that call for pre-quilted fabric :)

  5. I agree with a purse or tote!