Friday, October 12, 2012

Raindrops Quilt

The only thing I've been working on this week is this Judy Niemeyer pattern, Raindrops, and I'm determined that I'm sewing all the blocks together this weekend and getting it ready for quilting!  The evenings after work seem to be getting shorter and shorter now, making me feel a lot less productive.
This is a great pattern, her paper piecing techniques make it really easy.  I finished up all the NY beauty blocks quite a few months ago, then put it aside.  Not sure why, maybe I was just tired of it at that point.  It was A LOT of sewing, flipping and cutting to get through.  
Now I finally have the blocks connected vertically, and am working on sewing the rows together into one big quilt top.  This will be fun to quilt, but sure do wish I had a long arm machine! 
I'm linking up to Off the Wall Fridays, check out Nina Marie's blog!


  1. ohhh this really is cool - you could take her pattern and really morf it in all sorts of things!

  2. This is stunning. I really need to tackle paper piecing...

    And I really wish I had a long arm as well. My neck and shoulders really get sore when quilting a large quilt! Maybe someday!

  3. Love paper piecing. This looks stunning... the vibrant colors just hum.

  4. Hi, Laura. I love NY beauty-type designs (must be all those points!) and your blocks are superb. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.
    best, nadia