Monday, June 23, 2014

The days are long, but they still fly by

I've been busy for about the last month -- never enough time in a day, since so much of my day is wasted at work, when I'd rather be quilting, gardening, felting, hooking...

Finished up quilting a top that I started a while ago.  I quilted pretty densely, so I used lots and lots of Aurifil! Just have to square it up and put some facings on it (instead of regular binding), then it will be done.

And more felted vessels- 

A few weeks ago, the bee balm started blooming.

And of course, the day lilies.

Yikes, found this snakeskin in my yard, too.  It's only about 3' long, I've seen snakes that are twice that size.

 And I also dyed some more wool pieces, for rug hooking projects.  These look like irises, don't they?
 And maybe some poppies?


  1. Nice use of yarn on the side of your felt vessel, it reminds me of grasses in a summer meadow. Loving the dyed wool, the purple and green in the middle is my fave, is it prefelt?

    1. Hi Teri, the yarn was supposed to look like grass, so I'm glad you could tell. It was a fun technique to try! The wool is fabric that i dye for rug hooking, and cut into narrow strips. But you gave me a good idea for dyeing prefelt, if I can ever afford to buy some larger pieces of it, I'll dye it like I dye the wool yardage.