Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Felting class

I had someone come over Saturday morning and I taught her how to felt a vessel.  It was fun, I've never taught anything like that before.  Debbie--please send me a picture of your vessel and I'll post it here if you read this!

This is a vessel I made while she was here.  It took forever for this wool to felt, but finally it did.  These colors are the first rovings I've dyed myself, I like being able to buy the white and dye it whatever color I want.

And on Sunday, I decided to felt again.  This time I cut some white circles out of a piece of prefelt I had made previously, then felted on some grey Norwegian wool and used some shetland black for the centers.  This felted really easily.
Then I thought I'd make a pillow using a resist, so I made a beachy scene on both sides.  This was my first time trying to make a square using a resist, and it turned out rectangular instead.  It actually turned out to be more like a bag than a pillow, so I might try to make some handles for it and use it as a bag instead.
 This side looks pretty funky...oh well, it's a good practice piece!


  1. Wow - looks like you had a fun and very productive weekend. Loving the shape of your vessel. Did you roll the cushion / bag? If so, did you roll an equal number of times in each direction (that is usually the cause when my pieces don't shrink evenly)?

    1. Yes, Teri, I rolled the bag and rolled and rolled. I was trying to get a finished piece of 12" square for a challenge for a group I'm in, and it ended up being 12" x 13.5", so I'm just a tiny bit off. I think I'll try again this weekend, and keep track of the rolling better!