Monday, July 28, 2014

Hot July -- getting lots done inside

July has been a hot, hot month here in North Carolina.  So, staying inside on weekends and quilting/sewing is a good thing to do!  I've been going through some quilt tops that have been around way too long, finishing up some things...

A small lap size quilt top that I made probably 3 years ago now is finally almost quilted.  This was sewn on paper, using random sized strips, a great way to use up fabric stash! 

And I'm also sewing lots of my homemade fabrics into strips, and am going to make some table runners to sell on Etsy.
 Just have to get motivated in the evenings after work, sometimes it's just hard to focus...

And can you see the praying mantis in this picture?
 How about here?

Here's a close-up, I swear it was watching me while I took the pictures.  It climbed all the way up a hibiscus stalk, which is about 6 feet tall, then hung out there under the flowers.

And here are some more things I worked on this weekend, beachy scenes using more of my homemade fabrics.  These pieces are potentially for a challenge with a local group of art quilters that we might be setting up, and need to be cut down to 12" x 12".

The piece below was done with wax resist, then painted over with setacolor paints. Both are just pinned up right now, and need to be quilted, then they're done, too.  

I'm trying really hard not to dye or paint any more fabric until I use up most of what I have!  Hope you're having a productive summer, too.

Edited on Friday, August 1st to include link to Nina Marie's Off the Wall.


  1. oh good luck not dying or painting more... we can't resist can we?? The doing is just so much fun. LeeAnna

    1. Yes, it is, LeeAnna! I can't help myself...

  2. Love the striped homemade fabrics!