Thursday, June 17, 2010

4-Day Weekend For Me

Last weekend I dyed some plain white cotton. One piece was dyed a Kiwi Yellow/Green, but turned out a little too light for my taste. It was almost a pastel color. I rolled the entire fabric piece with some of this paint (which are the ones I use all the time, it seems) in random places. The roller was just a regular 4" disposable sponge paint roller from the dollar store.

Then, I glued some foam pieces to a small wooden box, the kind you get at craft stores for 50

I rolled some of these shimmery paints onto the foam, then stamped on my fabric.

This was the finished product--it looks a little more red in the pictures than it does in person, but overall I'm very happy with it.

I had another piece, a light blue, so I used my setacolor paints again, and then stamped with a potato masher. Instead of a roller to apply the paints, however, I think I just used a sea sponge.

This is the finished product, another one I'm happy with.

I'm taking Friday and Monday off this weekend, I can't wait to cut into these fabrics!


  1. Love the colours! Will that potato masher see use in the kitchen again? :)

  2. It never saw use in the kitchen before, and it never will. But it will be used in the batik beeswax electric frying pan!