Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I finally have this quilt almost done, just about 10" more of hand sewing for the binding, and it's done. It was some batiked fabric that I quilted heavily, then I decided that I didn't really like the white outlines of the flowers, so I spent almost two days painting in the flowers and leaves. It was about 97 degrees both days, and I was working in my garage, what a sweatshop it was, even with the door open, yuck. But I love how it turned out, here are some more pics but the lighting was too direct so the colors look freaky.

This is another batiked piece that I quilted and bound, I'm trying to decide whether to include the starfish & sand dollars, they're just taped on.

Again, the color looks totally different in this picture: (and you can see the lines I drew for quilting it, which of course I didn't follow)

A quilt that I just sent to my daughter on Saturday for her Martha's Vineyard summer job (and vacation)--I've had this all finished for about a month now, I totally forgot about sending it to her.

A new batik, and some jar-dyed fabrics for the next projects.


  1. A lovely quilt! So, how much planning do you do ahead of time for your quilts? I find I just have an idea in mind and then work towards that goal--it tends to be a moving mark as my outcomes differ or call for a different next step. Others I know keep a very detailed sketch book and turn their drawings into extensive patterns.

  2. Wonderful, Laura - and your quilting is spectacular!! Don't know how you managed to cope in that heat, that would do me in for sure...